More body parts



This artist originally does these by hand :astonished: but then recreates (for sale) with laser. Amazing work I think !

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

It’s so delicate goodness


That! is a lovely, lovely thing.


The precision of the cuts and drawing are amazing. :relaxed:


I can tell he really puts his heart into his work.


I’ll be hand cutting a heart tomorrow…


Normally one wouldn’t have to ask, but it’s you so… When you say cutting “a heart,” can you give more detail?



So amazing


Teaching high-school anatomy tomorrow, and will be opening the chest and showing the heart/lungs/etc… I teach tomorrow by myself and thursday my wife will be joining me (she does the abdomen, since she’s a veterinary general surgeon) before she has to operate in the afternoon, because a family that dissect together, stays together

WARNING: Strong Stomached Folks Only:

This time the dog had heart worms when I dissected the heart out!


(note in the above post - my wife is the really short one with the blond ponytail in either blue or black scrubs)


I’ve opted to take you at your word and managed to resist the temptation to render the pics.


Haha. One of the kids once asked me (a little green appearing): “Will you be able to even eat after doing that?” I pointed out that at this point I could eat during it…


Heart worm is so destructive. What a Honorable way for a dog to die.

Thanks to you and your wife for taking time to share your medical passion and experience with these student and us :slight_smile:


Snicker bars are okay during autopsies but I draw the line at pulled pork BBQ sandwiches :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m actually kinda sad, because the hospital until this year had “open” autopsies for the physicians so we could go and see and learn from the pathology team (I went almost every thursday - and took my summer high-school interns too). Unfortunately the autopsy suite got cited by OSHA as overexposing us all (particularly the pathology residents) to formalin and unless the ventilation was upgraded (which was priced at $2m) they had to close down the open autopsy, and now just the path team does it wearing PAPRs… A real learning opportunity missed (pictures just aren’t the same)


It used to be a requirement for advanced certifications in the EMT ranks here in CT usually for national registry or advanced life support but with the problems the state has been having with its lab, having outsiders is no longer encouraged. It’s interesting the reactions people have to them vs slogging through body parts on the side of the road at accident scenes.

At least your wife is in the same business. It drove my wife crazy going to parties where half the crowd were on the ambulance squad and the other we’re spouses - they didn’t get how we could be making jokes about guts & gore :slightly_smiling_face:


its so incredibly long ago but I wish my highschool had such opportunities.


I worked with a woman who had been an EMT. She told the story of being called out to a domestic dispute with a reported disemboweling. When they got there the wife/girlfriend had slashed him across the stomach with a kitchen knife, but being morbidly obese the knife wasn’t long enough to make it through the fat layer. Moral of the story: skinny people need to be more considerate when arguing with others.

I could be wrong about the moral, but I don’t think so.


Okay, that’s super cool. Thanks for sharing the image and link!


IveI’ve always admired how surgeons can recognize body parts. I just see flesh and “things”