More bowls of inspiration

In a Reddit thread on some laser-cut bowls, a commenter showed some that they made using just a single spiral cut and letting gravity and the base dictate the shape. In all the bowl techniques we’ve seen here, I don’t recall seeing this (and I even searched!)

I might have to make small versions of this for family/friends for the holidays :slight_smile:

Here’s the original thread with other nice bowls (but not quite as nice as this, IMO):


I like that! (I think @marmak3261 was experimenting along those lines with cardboard at one point…pretty fascinating how they expand.) :grinning:


Love these - thanks for the link!

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Search for @mark14 and @bbum for the bowls.

the spiral in the orignal photo is nice. the svg for that is out there in the thingverse.

that was my inspiration for these…

more here

These a very cool, and much nicer than what I originally read (“More bowels of inspiration”).