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Playing with engraving wanted to see what a laser will do to ceramic tiles …

Not so sure about Santa, the whippet came out well I think. Tried it on a bit of MDF, the same setting engraved to a depth of 0.7mm.

… a real whippet, Ella.

Engraving Porcelain Tile

nice job :grinning: both look great :wink:


Very nice job ! ( Keep ella away from the laser… don’t want a cinder-Ella :laughing: ). Are those regular ceramic tiles or special “laserable” ones?


Her vet says she has the princess gene, she certainly has the attitude to match the gene, maybe a little lasing might reduce that haughtiness? :slight_smile:

Plain ceramic tiles, nothing special, cheapest I could find at my local hardware store.


Awwww, sweet looking dog–love the ears. Your MDF whippet looks especially cool–the smoke patterns seem to add to the illusion of motion.


So you bought them already colored, and just lasered to lighten the color? Did it engrave to any appreciable depth?


The tiles came in those colours, the engraving has removed a very thin layer of the glaze, as far as I can tell, using vernier calipers, the engraving is 0.09mm deep. You can certainly feel it and it’s not something that is going to “rub” off.


Those look good! This post makes me eager to get started on that lasered backsplash I’ve been planning for… how many months now?


Very cool, I wonder how rubbing in some paint or shoe polish would look?


Like the engravings, love the whippet. We had a male named Oliver when my boys were little. I loved watching that dog run. Sadly he got out one day and hit a car :disappointed:


Love the hounds (both of 'em), and the santa too! Woof to Ella!:wink:


If you reversed the image on Santa and had a thin outline, it might look better…red parts red like his hat.
Those will make nice trivets…I did some some years back for a friend…


Nice work!
As @cynd11 said, seems if the design was oriented so the smoke swept backwards, it could accentuate the design.
Never thought of using the smoke as an embellishment!

It worked well on @pomwah’s masonry detail of the Weihnachtspyramide.


Lightbulb! :bulb:


Hmmmm, if you could predict where the smoke would occur, you could mask specific portions to make a pattern! Except on most things I suppose the smoke could easily rub off. But you could seal it! Sorry, just me brainstorming here…


Whippet. Whippet good.


The smoke lines are going up because of the air vent fans, so if you turn the design 90° CCW those lines would look like a speed effect, am I right?


Ha! Ha!


Not certain that this is an ideal process for a splashback, the lased surface will attract grime. If you could seal them after engraving that would work.


Would “Sharpie” do?

I should say that I sourced the whippet image from: here, and modified it very slightly.