More D&D accessories

I love using props as I play…it makes it more interesting…lol
I recently acquired the fireball spell :smile:.
These are great for showing the epicenter of the blast.

And of course Magic Missle, Ray of frost, scorching ray, etc all need to have a visual…lol

And lastly some condition tokens. When you have several players as well as several monsters, it can get hard to remember who’s in what condition.

On the tokens, I used the sharpie on tile technique…using a damp magic eraser to take off the extra color. Didn’t scratch the colored acrylic although not sure I would use it for transparent colors…


I don’t play … But can see these add a lot to the game. Nice job!


Me either. but all the cute goodies people are creating for it make me want to. (I’d probably just disappear and never come back. They’d find a little dried out husk clutching a set of tokens and a dice tower.) :smile:


Gotta give it up for your condition markers and especially the wee fires.

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I’m pretty sure you’d be some sort of lich at that point. :slight_smile:


Had to look that up! :smile:

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That’s awesome! I love the condition markers!

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