More "Edge-Lit" Acrylic

Happened across this, at $2 it’s almost worth buying for the lighting alone.

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That’s so cool!! I agree, totally worth buying and trying to reverse-engineer. I could see this being evolved into a Christmas Card- heck, bet you could even get super fancy and make the tree pop-up as you open the card!


Stocking stuffers! :smiley:


I got one of these several years ago with the acrylic shape being a lightbulb (got it from ThinkGeek). It’s cool, but as advertised it does not produce enough light for anything except decoration. (these ones are billed as cards, so aren’t being falsely advertised.


I am starting to notice more and more edge-lit acrylic. I was in BestBuy store the other day and saw some very nice displays. On close inspection, I could see the jaggies on the diagonal lines where the laser stepped. It is interesting how aware I am now of everything that is made or could be made with a laser. - Rich


It is actually quite an easy design.

  1. Find some coin cell battery holders

  2. Attach a flat LED

  3. Cut acrylic design that you want to flip up, include nubs in design to serve as the hinge, or use watchband springs

  4. Cut outer housing with flip up design + coin cell sized void.

  5. Attach coin cell firmly to housing


Building your own small lighting system works in theory but for sheer convenience a ready made solution lends itself to rapid prototyping. Do not get me talking about trying to solder SMT components with a standard soldering iron, you would probably want to add a resistor to the circuit to get the LED brightness where you want it.


I like the way you think.

Same product on Bangood’s site: On sale at $1.39

…same disclaimer… blah, blah, blah

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