More Fun League Boxes

I started putting together a board game that I heard of on Kickstarter called Techno Bowl. There was a lot of cutting of paper and wrapping the paper around 3/4" blocks. However, I didn’t have anything “good” to put all the pieces in for storage. So, I made up some paper boxes. They worked, but weren’t very solid.

So I came up with the below boxes. I plan on putting the football team logos on the outside of the wrapper box and the team name on the edge of the tray box. The first batch turned out pretty well, except the Sushi team. I had to go over that one a second time and the katanas still didn’t turn out (too white).

3D Graphic at 80% for 1000 on Medium Draftboard



They look great! :grinning:

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Very nice! Game storage personalization is a really popular project on here, I’ve noticed. Your storage really fills the bill.

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Those look great - I might suggest doing a dark outline of the katana blades instead of trying to engrave the whole blade

Storage is everything! Nice job!