More glass coasters and box

He might be interested in some non-race inspired roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah, Tail of the Dragon, Gaspe Penninsula, Pacific Coast Highway, etc. Those are exceptional roads for non-race riders.


He would certainly agree with that! Luckily we live a few stone throws away from Watkins Glen and this time of year most Fridays you can go and drive on the track (with car). That usually does the trick (for awhile).


This whole package is stunning! Love the design on the box, and the coasters came out Great!


This is gorgeous!


Their pricing is SO strange!
80 for $63.47 or 100 for $63?
70 for $70.80 or 110 for $72.27?




So did you cut the angle with the laser or by hand? I wasn’t sure

Sorry, I meant to explain that better. I glued up the two boxes (inside Maple and outside Walnut) completely enclosed and then cut the diagonals with my bandsaw. The outside box was cut lower to create the lip for the cover. After that I glued the maple box inside the walnut box and the same with the new cover pieces. It was pretty straight forward to do it that way. I guess you could precut the pieces with the laser but gluing up the solid boxes is pretty easy and everything automatically aligns. I hope that makes sense.

No need to apologize! That’s what I thought you meant when you said you cut the diagonal, but want to double check! Either way, looks amazing and I love the idea of the lined box like that. Well done.

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He will love the set. Love the box!


Looks awesome! Coaster holders is always an interesting proposition. What I like about your choice is that the storage is a beautiful case and protective packaging. It could hide in a set of books until needed.

Great design.

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Thank you for the link, going to go there because I have an idea of how I am going to use them. Do you remember what settings you used?

My son just bought a car to take out on the track and race…if he ends up going to multiple tracks, I may have to borrow your idea …thankfully he hasn’t told his mother (me) that he is racing his motorcycle…I can handle the thought of a car better than a motorcycle on a track.

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Forum guidelines prevent discussion of settings for non-Proofgrade materials, except in the “Beyond the manual” forum.

If you would like information on operation beyond what is covered by the manual, you may discuss it in the “Beyond the Manual” section, and only in that section. Note that that section of the forum may contain information that is incorrect and may violate your warranty, damage your Glowforge, and cause injury or death. That is the only place for discussion of topics like:

  • Manual settings for materials
  • Modifying your Glowforge unit
  • Third party add-ons

whoops! Sorry.

They call it the “friendly neighborhood lawyer”… :slight_smile:

No Problem. If I knew what I used I would have PM messaged you. I don’t really remember and I am a terrible note taker. I’m sure I got the setting from the forum. Just do a search for “Glass Coaster” or just “Glass” in the beyond the manual category. One tip I do have and didn’t quite know how to do it at first is to smear straight dishwashing liquid on the piece before lasering and rinse it off afterward to prevent cracking.


I have started making my own spice jars and the dish soap worked good on the narrower jars but cracked the slightly wider jar and now trying to figure out why.

Thanks for the link to the coaster…I put a 30 day notice in case it dips in price. :wink:

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