More glass coasters and box

Hi. Not earth shattering but I thought I might post my latest project. My Nephew used to race motorcycles as a hobby so I made him a set of coasters of the tracks that he raced on and a box to keep them in. The coasters are glass blanks, that I bought on Amazon, engraved. The box is Maple inside and Walnut outside. I made a maple box sized for the coasters and a walnut box sized to slip over the maple box. I glued up the boxes in one piece, cut the diagonals to form the cover and then glued the small box inside the walnut box. I design the boxes with the Inkscape Tabbed Box extension.

Thank You for looking.


Love the angled facing going up to the lid cut. I’m sure he’ll love 'em :slight_smile:


Ditto this! That angled box is a great touch! :grinning:


Yeah those are nicely executed. You should be proud of them.

I like that you sanded the walnut tabs flush so that they are less obvious.


What a thoughtful and well executed gift!


These are great. Extremely creative!


Thank You! I always admire your projects. Aesthetically I’m not a fan of tabbed boxes but the laser sure does make them easy. So anything I can do to make them less noticeable the better. After I was done I wish I would have chosen the wood more carefully to make them blend in more.

Thanks, but now it’s my turn, I’m wishing I made this. :wink:

First off, I’ll say that I think they look great, and that I wouldn’t change a thing. The contrast level you ended up with is really nice, very subtle.

The darker the wood the better for this, I’ve noticed. Wenge is another good option, but it’s also rare and expensive. Walnut’s my go to these days, especially some figured Walnut from Kim Oberlin – it is a bit darker than some of my other walnut. It’s the same stuff I used on the bee tray corners.

(Wenge tabs:
Gift box for my Aries sister )


So cool!

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Love the design and the product.


To be a fly in the soup… (whispers - Bikers don’t drive, they ride)

For those who question: Ural Gear Up & Zero FXS


As for the tab box joinery, have you thought of trying a “Spline Slot” method? I haven’t worked with boxes yet on the GF, however, with the proper design layout, I think Spline Slot joinery would be pretty straight forward with the GF.

Someone far more knowledgeable than myself likely has more insight.


I have to say this is one of the nicest coaster sets I’ve seen done here. Kudos!


They came out great! Now I’m ordering glass coasters… :grin:


Damn, I wish I knew that before. I wanted to “title” it somehow but didn’t really like anything that I thought of much. Maybe somewhere deep in my brain I knew it was wrong. I makes perfect sense now that I see it.

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll fess up to my ignorance because I know the recipient will catch it right away (but won’t mention it to me)

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I love the splined corner aesthetic and I already have a spline corner sled for my router table on my short list of “things to build”. I never thought about trying to use the laser in the process.

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Those turned out great! And I agree with all the other comments - the angled box lid adds such a professional finishing touch.


The whole project is just georgous!
I’ve only had very limited experience with glass and it wasn’t great. I didn’t get nearly the clear, bright engrave that you have. Could have been the particular glass I was using, but still… Can you talk about your glass envrage method?


Than You! It was my first try with these glass coasters. On super close inspection it’s not as clean and neat as other engraved materials, but overall really I like how they turned out. I used settings I found on the forum (trying to stay clear of the “Beyond the Manual” category) and smeared dishwashing liquid straight out of the bottle on the surface. I didn’t even know if I was doing the dishwasher liquid thing right but it seemed to work. :slight_smile:
I think I got most of my info from this thread:Help with engraving Glass - Settings (new)


These are the ones I bought. I am very happy with the quality. Watch out for the price vs. quantity. The price per unit varies greatly. I ended up buying 100 of them because it was the most economical way to go (when I bought in May it was $55 per 100). So now I feel like I have a lifetime supply. :slight_smile:


I think this is an earth chattering design! Well done, my husband would covet that set (as a former rider). Impressed by your box design.