More Glowforge on Tested: LED Star Map



Simone Giertz laser cuts her secret santa gift…

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017

Very cool, and great example of the wisdom in"measure twice, cut once." :wink:


I like how she left the protective backing on the inside to better reflect the LEDs. Very nice demo.


Oh…and Neil would have noticed it was the wrong star map:


Cool tip to cut 1/2 circles and save materials.

Here is a star map that is accurate above me right now. Just can’t see it because that sun is just so bright!

Here’s a useful link to make your own. Just tweak what will display on the chart in regards to layers and luminosity.

Here is one with only magnitude 2 and lower stars, no planets.


Very cool! Thanks for spotting this.


Those are awesome! how did you get the NSEW output? Mine looks like this.


mine looked like @marmak3261 s with all check boxes unchecked.
click to expand the image to see the settings at the bottom.


Love this! thanks!