More guitar body engraving for Maximo Mezcal

Trying to convince him to do a fancy pick guard that goes along with the metal Plate hardware.


He should not need convincing. Just have it sitting there ready when he takes delivery. Throw the price out on the spot. I wish I could do a guitar body. Maybe I’ll buy one for my nephew and laser it up for our next family gathering. I may need your expert help!!! You really do some cool work on guitars!!!


We’re doing this at cost for a friend. The main partner in my mezcal venture. I’m a very minor partner.

More expensive guitars are coming. Next venture will be some copper inlay patterns.


Whuuuuuut Whatttttttttt!! Copper!!! Will it be shiny or have that nice oxidized patina to it? Nevermind, just keep us posted with those incredible pics!!!


It will be done with copper powder and thin CA glue and a lot of sanding flat. I have some testing to do.

Awww man!! That sounds awesome. I hope you share the trial and error, and, or technique with us. Things like where you acquire the copper powder and the techniques you use. This is pretty incredible stuff. Your clients have a good reason to be coming to you for their business. Best of luck!

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Looks great

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He will love it to this point for sure!