More halftone play

Playing with acrylic halftones. Did a positive and negative version of each and tried paint a few. I used the 3D settings and it left a crusty residue in the deepest black areas which didn’t paint well, but it makes it look a bit rustic.



Oh gosh @kittski, you always amaze! Yet another new technique from you that I love.

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Love it in the fish tank! Oh my goodness!

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Oh yeah, the fish tank one is perfect! :grinning:

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Very cool!

These are fantastic, the way the light catches the one in the fish tank!

Love the one in the fish tank! ha ha

Looks like you’re onto something here! Great work!

How did you apply the paint to it? I was wondering if you could use a roller like some engraving artists use.

Sorry @BeamGeeks, I just saw this. I left the masking on and used spray paint.

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