More items made


I had a ribbon cutting at our Chamber of Commerce and displayed many of my lasered items. Here’s a few:
A golf ball of mine split so I cut it in half and made keychains from it.
Found some leaves on the golf course so lasered one and made a collage-like framed art.
Weathered wood sign for “lake people”.


Wonderful work! How did you do the golf balls?


I do like the lasered leaves…great idea to do a collage. :slightly_smiling_face:


I had split the ball somehow while golfing so took it home and finished cutting it in half with a hack saw. Used Gorilla resin “glue” to adhere to engraved/scored/cut piece.


Never thought of doing a leaf before now. Good work


These are great!! Thanks for sharing!:heart::heart:


Beautiful items! I especially like that weathered wood sign.


Thank you. Dried leaves work best, I tried doing the green ones and laser image doesn’t show up very well.


Golf ball key chains … Could be a big hit!


Intrigued by the golf ball keychains! I wonder if you could make some sort of coin/key pouch out of them.


I’m sure that could be done! I love a challenge :slightly_smiling_face: