More leather etching projects (and a cat)

I’ve only posted my ‘business card tray’ before, but I’ve been really busy etching different designs on lots of projects, mostly leathers, but also making signs for my booth & acrylic items.
So will share a few of the latest! And my shop helper–and no, I did not close the lid–that was a test I do not want to try!


This is one of the “reel pouches” I’ve recently added to my shop collection…


Sorry for nesting all of these… This etching I went over with grey edge dye to accent the etched region even more. front|499x499


sorry, posting inept today.


These little acrylic charms I did in January for a small con, using leather edge dye ink–stains the etched area, but not the smooth surface. I’ve also done this for nautical designs recently & realized it’s modern scrimshaw! And different sizes for zip pulls, as these are, and large key fobs.


And my aptly named Kokopelli not being happy not being the center of my attention…


Laser cat is in your cutter stealin’ your pews & zooms!


Beautiful kitty! Really like the reel cases too! :grinning:

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If I could only teach her to use her tail to clean up in there (esp after the draft board)…


She’s gorgeous—looks a lot like one of ours. I like those reel pouches too! You did a lovely dyeing job on them.

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Thank you!
Koko is a precocious 2 year old now, adopted her when she was 1–mainly because of her long eye contact–didn’t get a good look at her at the shelter, so was happy suprise to see all of her!

And just to be clear, I didn’t dye the leather apart from rubbing in some color in the fish (left the tape masking on when I did)–the green w/ waves is “as etched”. The acrylic is super easy as it wipes off the smooth surface & cut edges.

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If I may ask,what brand/source for the dye your using. I have a ton of white acrylic that they were tossing at a local commercial sign shop after CNC cutting out what they needed, I have some ideas for the large pieces and would love an easy way to color the engraves.


I’ve been using leather edge dye from Japan, “Cova Super”–lots of colors available & in small bottles. Most of my orders have been thru Japan Goods, but others have it on eBay, too. But likely Fiebling edge dye will do the same, which Tandy stocks, would work–though black & brown is all in the shops. You could test acrylic paint, too.

Those cases would be a big hit up here in Blue Ridge.

Alcohol ink will stick to anything.

Thanks! FYI, I do have those on my Etsy shop oWILBURbyB8C… and need to get more made soon!

Hilarious!!! :joy::rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: