More LED's

I purchased one of the “Lmeison 3D Lights Colorful Touch LED Visual Lights 7 LED Colors Change Décor Atmosphere Lamps” from Amazon that other Glowforgers have recommended. I wanted something less plastic for the base so I removed the LED’s circuit board and used some solid pieces of walnut I had around the shop.

I spent more than an hour trying to router, drill and chisel an appropriate cavity for the LED’s circuit board and ended up with a mess, I got the same results when I tried to cut the slot in the top to accept the acrylic.

Switching to the Glowforge thinking mode I traced the odd shape of the circuit board onto a piece of paper and used the Glowforges’s trace function to make two perfect cutouts from 1/8 inch walnut.
I then used Inkscape to cut out the slot for the acrylic in the top. After inserting circuit board I glued the top three layers to a 3/8" base.



I really love the walnut base. Where did you get your LEDs? Beautiful job. :grin:

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Yeah this IS great. Also interested in where the LED setup came from

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Very nice! :grinning:

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What an elegant solution! You’ve kicked up the LED lamp base idea up a notch.


Very nice. I do hope to make more advanced LED bases with some addressable LEDs and arduino nanos. Electronics would be cheaper than buying the base. Just have to finish the currect production. Thanks for the inspiration.


Really well done and such a huge upgrade from the plastic base. It looks so great!

I’m not sure if it’s the exact same base, but it looks like similar ones can be had for a bit less. Just thought I’d pass it on in case someone was looking. (There were a few other places that have them for about $10.)


I ordered 10 of these not long ago, shipping was pretty fast (just over a week) and free. I ended up paying $6.50 each. They are currently $6.65 each for 10. The remote is included at that price.

Note: no affiliation or compensation of any kind. Just liked these for the price and no complaints so far from recipients.


Yep, I get most of my LEDs from DHGate as well. Gets to me pretty quick and I haven’t had an issue in 5 orders.


Very nice job on your base!

@hansepe. Thank you for the link. Nice pricing!

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That’s awesome! Are you still able to change the colors using the remote?

Yes. I leave the wire that connects to the switch on the plastic base extending out the back of the wooden base. You can see the small black wire in the pictures. Leave about 1/8" of copper exposed from the end of the insulation and just touch the copper to toggle through the colors.