More Many-Sided Awesomeness!

These are so much fun to make, this past week I finished up 3 more polyhedra (would have been 4, but one didn’t scale properly, so now I need to order more materials…). The first one (purpleheart & walnut ply) is a collection of my favorite authors, the second (walnut ply & padauk) of course is Game of Thrones themed, and the icosahedron at the bottom in padauk and blue leather is the Elder Futhark runes.

Definitely been getting a good reaction to these on FB, I think half my friends now want me to make more to have for sale! Right now I’m just really loving the whole process of seeing these come together, it’s definitely my current obsession.


I hear they’re addicting! Those look great! :smile:

I’m liking these. Very well done. :sunglasses:

You are very good at this!

Love the first one especially–some of my favorite authors as well.