More Maps


Set off smoke alarms at the house today. Fan and exhaust needed to be cleaned, and smoke wasn’t being vented properly. It would be very nice if they designed the exhaust port to be a little more friendly to clean, like having a removable cover… Everything seems to be working now.

One last map before moving onto something new. I made this for a friend who works at the University of Notre Dame. 2 layers Proofgrade maple, 2 layers draftboard. Map was created using mapbox.


Are you not selling any of your works? When I sent an inquiry to MapBox I was informed that if I even sell a very limited number of items at craft fairs I would be required to obtain a commercial license. Do that have another program that isn’t listed on their website?


No, I am not selling any of my maps. I have made these as gifts. If I ever get to the point where I decide to sell anything, I would pay for the commercial subscription. Mapbox is definitely not cheap either, but does make it very easy to pull the layers off that you need.


Wow! Love this one, outside of the fact that you decided to make it of South Bend. cough

I kid! Really awesome work. Love the detail. Whoever you’re making these for are some very lucky folks. Well done sir.


Thanks! I am not a fan of Notre Dame football, and dislike the fact that they are only on every week because of big TV contracts and not because they are even any good any more. I’m a Wisconsin alum, so Go Badgers, Go Big Ten!!! Expect to see some Badger stuff fly off the glowforge this fall once football season starts. Already have the red, white, and black acrylic.

I made this for a friend who works at University of Notre Dame, and she loved it!!!


LOVE the Madison maps. You did a great job on all of them!


How did you get around the “5 print” limit? Sounds like you’ll need a pay subscription for unlimited printing.


Those look really nice. What is Mapbox? I think I would like to maybe try my hand at making some of these, but not certain where to start. Thanks.