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In reference my other post on packaging, to the air bags, only a couple have “slash” marks on them, others were not touched/damaged. Product is fine and yes I am happy about that for as at the end of the day, that is all that matters, it was just the point to how some companies treat other people’s product. It really gives off the vibe that they don’t care about the customer. That was what the rant was really about.

Thanks for listening.


I feel the same way about the new shipping quality. Nothing has been damaged, but it is definitely not well packed. That said, every time you open a new topic in the Problems and Support category, it opens a new Support Ticket with customer service that they will then have to address and close, so if you aren’t really seeking new support, then you should probably try to limit the number of separate posts.

Well I don’t want to open up support tickets, but, I do feel that this is a message to support for GF if they are in fact having other companies shipping for them. So, its not a service support for the cutter, but for their overall service.

But will consider a different board for the future posts. Thanks for the heads up.

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I think what @tjones meant was that since you had already opened a ticket about the packaging, there was no need to open a second one. :blush:


I can say that long ago I had some item that was damaged, I wrote support like you did and showed photos of the damage, they replaced the board :slight_smile:

I agree as to the shipping companies treating the packages bad. I have food delivered weekly and FedEx could not handle it with care or deliver it right side up. After 20 or so complaints to the food company they finally realized they were losing more money then they were saving and changed carriers. I get my food right side up now :slight_smile:

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