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These are various tools used along with my other hand tools. I always find that if everything has a place it always get put back. 100% made on Glowforge. 1/4 MDF stacked (Thick Draftboard settings) topped with basswood to polish up the appearance. Process included laying out full size on bristol paper, tracing the tools and then measuring everything with a digital caliper, transferring the measurements to the template. Took a photo of the layout with the iPhone and imported and scaled in Illustrator. Then redrew everything to size and added 1.5mm margin to the cutouts. Then cut a test on Bristol and made minor adjustments after test fitting the tools. Then off to the glowforge to cut. Probably 2.5 hours total.


Oh that really makes me want to organize mine better…beautiful! :smile:


My watchmaking tools (& in progress projects) have their own chest with drawers divided & partitioned for each tool & cutout felt so it’s easy to see if something is missing from a drawer before closing up. And because everything has a home it’s easy to see when I’ve left something out.


I like that. These types of tool holders are for very specific tools so I guess the ones you selected are some of your favourites.
I made something similar in the early 70’s, also stacking layers of 1/4" birch plywood; the difference is that I cut all my pieces by hand with a coping saw. Sure nice having a laser cutter. I like your work flow - very precise.


OK, now I am intrigued to know what some of these are? Square and dividers I recognise. Looks like a marking gage?? But what are the others?

Agree it aids quick inventory.

Stainless bits on the left are related to the honing guide for sharpening chisels. Different jaw sets for different chisel types. Yep on the marking gauge and various knives for mortise sizes. Screwdriver is for installing the honing guide jaws. All made in Maine USA by Lie Nielsen. Oh and the resin bit is a dovetail guide for accurate 6 to 1 dovetail cuts.

I had heard of Lie Neilsen before and quickly checked their website. Lovely hand tools. Would never have guessed on the dovetail guide.
Happiness is a plane so sharp that you can cut endgrain with it.


Beautifully practical.


Yes, this is organization at its finest!!!

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Thanks. I love how easy the GF makes creating precise, nice looking projects in little time.