More Pickleball - Trophies this time

I’ve talked about playing pickleball at lunch before. We recently organized a doubles tournament and everyone is having a blast. I volunteered at the beginning to make the trophies and as it’s doubles tournament my coworker came up with the idea to make the two trophies nest together. I’m really happy with the way the design came out. While I don’t use Proofgrade for most of my projects, it definitely gives these a professional quality. My team is now in the quarterfinals, wish me luck, I’d like to keep one of these on my desk… :slight_smile: I haven’t glued the uprights into the bases yet so I can put the names on them once we have the winners.


I do like those nesting trophies! (Very clever to make the ball out of acrylic so it looks like it’s in flight!) :sunglasses::+1:


Very clever! Good luck in the tournament - you definitely should have one of these on your desk!!


Neat idea! The awards industry is in for a shakeup!


Wow … love how this turned out! Hope you get your trophy for your desk!

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Clever design. Even if you don’t win the tournament, you’ll win everyone’s hearts!