More Pinball Work

Cut some more plastics for my pinball machines. This time I cut an airball Protector. Often on the Ghostbusters machine the ball will hit the ramp targets and pop up into the air and come bouncing down causing dents in the wood. So I put this clear plastic cover over the area to prevent it. I also cut some florescent green plastic in the shape of a logo to spice up the design a bit. The green insert plastic is 2 pixels larger than the negative hole shape it goes into . (I design all my work in photoshop then import to illustrator) I measure the increase in size by applying a ‘stroke’ layer effect of 2 px width.

Also used a very TINY amount of super glue around the edges before tapping the insert in. Love the way it looks, now to see if it holds up to the abuse of the pinball.



Looks great. I wish that table wasn’t so hard :joy:

Right? I bounce back and forth from wanting to sell the thing and re-falling in love with it from a day to day basis.

Been considering putting in a center post… that flipper gap is huge.

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I ain’t afraid of no post.


Awesome! :grinning:

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Oh geeze… now I need to replace the ‘shoot again’ sticker to exactly that phrase. Thank you.

What plastic are you using for your pinball parts?

clear stuff that came with the glowforge, and a florescent green off Amazon for the insert. I know theres specific plastics you are ‘suposed’ to use that are shatter resistant, but i didnt look it up. If this breaks I’ll buy the good stuff and cut it again. I still have the file.

I have the same machine. :wink: I saw someone made replacements for those 2x and 3x multipliers out of 3D printed metal that is supposed to stop the ball from flying. If I can find them again I’ll send you the link. Nice plate though


you can also anneal the acrylic you’re using. Stick it in an oven set to 170F for about an hour per mm of thickness. It will relieve the stresses in the plastic and make it far less prone to breakage or shattering.