More playing with living hinges



This was the natural progression of my early experiments with living hinges.

This was done with PG medium maple. The rods are 1/8 inch brass that I cut down with a small hacksaw. Superglue was (so far) sufficient for keeping it together.

I had to engrave the post holes for the rods three times to get a good depth. Probably could’ve done with just two since I discovered afterwards that I had the size tight enough that I needed to lightly tap the rods in with a hammer to get them in.


Innovative, nice.


Very cool! :sunglasses:


I like it. :smiley:


Neat! It looks like a high-tech basket.


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Sorry don’t want to divert the topic. What an awesome use of the brass rods. Very clever and creative.


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Looks really neat!


This a very creative idea.


Very Nice!