More portable version of pathagon,

I decided to try making a smaller version of a board game that I discovered at GenCon. It is a very simple wooden game that while simple to learn has a subtle strategy to it making it fun to play a quick game. Making it out of a nice wood makes it a nice coffee table piece so you can grab it and play a quick game. And the smaller size makes it not take up so much of that table (even fits nicely on an end table).

This is made from 1/4 draft board on the bottom and a mix of maple and walnut proof grade on top. The pieces are double sided by gluing the two woods together (also makes them a nice weight). Really pleased with how this simple design came out and how nice it looked with the proof grade woods.

The overall size is about 7 inches total.


I thought that said “pathogen,” and was all like, “NO, they’re portable enough already!!!” I’m glad it was a game instead – yours looks really clean and classy. Now I have to go and find it, because I may need to add it to my family’s (slowly) growing collection of GlowForged board games! :slight_smile:


That is funny. Spell check wanted to change it to pathogen. I too have a growing collection of glow forged games and the next one on my list is your MasterMind version, which was awesome!


Well, you could always call the walnut pieces e. coli and the maple pieces c. diff…


It’s a very handsome game, with the woods you used, and the compact size and the pretty frame…I will look it up too, to see how it’s played. Thank you for sharing your work!


Very nice! It’s pretty enough for room decor as well.


Nice looking piece.


Nice size, and love the selected wood.

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