More shelving for GF materials

So, as a new user, I’ve been collecting a lot of material, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to organize it. I did create a GF printed stacking tray system, but it’s a bit of a pain to assemble and when assembled still doesn’t fit the bill just right. I think I’ll use them for scraps.

And, I looked all over the Internet for a shelving system I could buy that would just work. The goal was to have it right-sized for GF materials, and many shallow rows of shelfs so I could separate the different materials easily.

So, I found pretty much what I was after at Home Depot,

The nice thing about this 3 shelf system is it’s the perfect size, and you can buy 2 and just not use the legs from the second, and you can get something perfect sized. The price isn’t too bad as each shelf is $29 so you get a nice storage rack for under $60, not to mention they do go on sale (I was told). I bought 4 kits so I could make 2 racks.

And, I’ll use the remaining legs and 3D print some shelf connectors and glowforge cut the shelves for a smaller shelving system.

(yeah, I know one of the shelves is crooked, now fixed :wink:


Perfect timing. I just moved and a new place to store my materials. This looks like it would do the job. TY


Nice! Very airy and visible.

Since I’m limited in space, I went with these (I bought 2):

Member’s Mark 5-Shelf Storage Rack

I actually got the Sam’s Club membership off groupon for 20 dollars JUST to buy these shelves (Costco’s version was out of stock-and in stock 10 dollars more).

I arranged the shelves how I like them, and made one into a desk, and another surface into a table (random junk collection at the moment) that is supposed to be used for my heat press and sewing…

I’m able to fit 3 proofgrade-sized stacks side by side with some space in between for random scraps. The shelves are 2 feet by 4 feet, so the way I have them arranged I can also store longer and wider sheets sideways (I’ve got a shelf for that over my rolling pro).


Cool! I did the same with wider wire shelving from Lowes. Bought two 4-shelf units, made one 6-shelf unit and one short 2-shelf unit out of the parts.


I’m loving this thread, been meaning to look for some suitable shelving but been too lazy about it!


Crafty she is. I like your material hoard, the shared exhaust setup for the two machines, and the pile of bones at their feet. :sunglasses:
I see what you did there with the image on your laptop


The hoard and bone pile was worse. Behind me when i was taking a picture, i had an exercise trampoline covered in stacks of mdf, maple, and veneer i hadnt put away yet.


I have always enjoyed seeing the work areas of other makers and artists. So nice to have a dedicated shop/studio, I tend to take it for granted that I have what would otherwise be a bedroom in an environmentally controlled atmosphere where I can do what I will. If it didn’t have a room like that it wouldn’t be home.


This is such an awesome idea and set up! Very smart and inexpensive way for storing my materials , thank you for this !


Yes, a studio would be very nice. My workspace fits against a wall in the kitchen. Why there was an exercise trampoline in the middle of my kitchen floor is anybody’s guess, but it was good to hold stacks of wood for the minute. The night before I hit my toes against it in the dark and though I broke every bone in my foot. :rofl: :rofl:


I hate kicking something in the dark, it takes almost 3 seconds before the full pain is realized.


Try stepping on Legos :smiley: I had 4 kids all into building with Legos. They were always showing up somewhere, including underfoot when walking through the house in the dark :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego…


@PrintToLaser your post just made my day. Thank you. :rofl:

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My pleasure. We have no choice but to deal with the day-to-day grind, humor, and especially laughter are remarkably effective at taking the edge off - They are like armor. :sweat_smile:

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