More slate

While my wife and I were waiting for our Glowforge to show up, we decided to pass the time by remodeling our main bathroom. Consequently, we now have a mostly-gutted bathroom that we should probably be working on instead of playing with the new toy. :roll_eyes: However, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to dress up the new tile before we put it in. First one:

Here’s the important bits:
Material: 12"x12" slate tile (
Operation: Set to Manual Cut, but with low enough power to just engrave
Speed: 500 vrooms
Power: 10 pewpews
Height: 0.300" (I used the nominal height since my calipers have decided to go for a walk…)

It came out pretty close to how I wanted it to (fairly understated), though I’m not sure how it’ll look after it’s sealed. There was a slight darkening of the traces in spots where the pattern made tight curves, but the burnt patches are small enough that they’re hard to see.


Fantastic idea! Actually personalizing your home with it! :grinning:


Can you convert 500 vrooms to microZooms (mZooms)? I am on metric here. KiloZooms work, too.


Looks great! I like the understated look. And I love your units of measure in your specs.

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Spritzing it with water should give you an idea of how it will look sealed. It would be so cool to do all kind of different fossils at random spots.


Looks awesome.
We just redid the kitchen and I had commented to the wife back then about what we could be doing with the wall tiles when we were hunting designs. (you have no idea how hard it is to get 4” tiles these days - for some reason)

Glad you got your GF before you made that part of the room. Looking forward to seeing the ‘complete’ look.


LOVE!! Inspired and thanks so much for sharing your settings!!

Can’t wait to truly customize our house with our own tiki inspired designs!!


Very cool idea! Great subject too. Ammonites are a favorite, a cephalopod from the Jurassic.
Would be hard pressed to look around and not see something that could be embellished with our lasers. :sunglasses:


Multiply by 2.54 to convert to metric Zooms.