More Star Wars gear for the Starcruiser

One of the outfits I am going to be wearing is loosely based on a Mandalorian character, and he has a distinctive belt buckle:

I have a holster, with a different buckle, but decided to let my Glowforge get in on the fun for my version. Primed and painted the metal buckle red, then burned away the paint where I didn’t want it…


I certainly hope you’re going to show us a pic of you in your whole outfit. :slight_smile:


Well, since you asked so nicely…

Besides the belt buckle, the greeblies on the gloves (and shirt greeblie - still in progress) have Glowforge-cut components and the harness has some aurebesh glowforge-engraved in the leather of the strap. In addition, the blood stripe on the pants was airbrushed on using a Glowforge-cut stencil.


Check out that pose :slight_smile:

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Looking awesome! Thank you so much for showing us! When do you get to go? Can’t wait to hear what reactions you get. :smiley:

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When you have a Glowforge, sometimes it’s hard to stop… Luggage tags, anyone?

And having a Glowforge and an airbrush can adding little details SO easy… Even with no artistic talent. (Hooray for stencils!)


For a second I thought it was master luke

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Oh, no… That’s a DIFFERENT look (but there’s not a lot of Glowforge work on that one…)

(Although it’s still in progress, and hey, you never know…)


These are all freaking adorable – * now has sci-fi crush on you *

Now that we’re back on earth, I just thought I’d share a few images from the trip. There are multiple pieces to our costumes that used a Glowforge in one way or another, so this message is safe for this category.


I’m so jealous!! Love, love, love the outfits!

It looks like your experience will not be available for much longer.

Just read that myself. What a bummer.

Yeah. I saw that as well. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I’m glad I was able to go.

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