More Star Wars gear for the Starcruiser

One of the outfits I am going to be wearing is loosely based on a Mandalorian character, and he has a distinctive belt buckle:

I have a holster, with a different buckle, but decided to let my Glowforge get in on the fun for my version. Primed and painted the metal buckle red, then burned away the paint where I didn’t want it…


I certainly hope you’re going to show us a pic of you in your whole outfit. :slight_smile:


Well, since you asked so nicely…

Besides the belt buckle, the greeblies on the gloves (and shirt greeblie - still in progress) have Glowforge-cut components and the harness has some aurebesh glowforge-engraved in the leather of the strap. In addition, the blood stripe on the pants was airbrushed on using a Glowforge-cut stencil.


Check out that pose :slight_smile:

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Looking awesome! Thank you so much for showing us! When do you get to go? Can’t wait to hear what reactions you get. :smiley:

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When you have a Glowforge, sometimes it’s hard to stop… Luggage tags, anyone?

And having a Glowforge and an airbrush can adding little details SO easy… Even with no artistic talent. (Hooray for stencils!)


For a second I thought it was master luke

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Oh, no… That’s a DIFFERENT look (but there’s not a lot of Glowforge work on that one…)

(Although it’s still in progress, and hey, you never know…)


These are all freaking adorable – * now has sci-fi crush on you *

Now that we’re back on earth, I just thought I’d share a few images from the trip. There are multiple pieces to our costumes that used a Glowforge in one way or another, so this message is safe for this category.


I’m so jealous!! Love, love, love the outfits!