More Tiny Tile Fun



I’ve been playing around with tiny tiles again. This time making some pendants. I’m not totally happy with the bails but I’ve got an idea for that for my next iteration. These were made with PG walnut plywood and veneer. The one on the top left was half-filled with UV cure resin. The others were grouted after gluing the pieces in place. Can’t decide which I like better. The resin lets the wood show through, but grouting gives everything a smooth look.


Those are magnificent!!!
Great job!! :grin:


Beyond cool! (Both techniques look great, but I think the bottom two have a slight edge, so maybe leaning slightly more towards the grout. Looks earthy.) :grinning:


Those are lovely!


These are great. I am so looking forward to seeing you in June and getting some inspiration and know how!


I’ve got lots to show you!


They are gorgeous!


I think that the grout looks more proper with the wood. Maybe its a textural thing, as both are sort of matte/opaque… Have you tried the resin with an acrylic earring? The glossiness of the two might give pleasant results


Lovely! I like the grout better, also.


Another vote for the grout! I’m looking forward to seeing your next iteration on the bail, too.


Oh, wow. I’ve been working on something in this realm (pendants with tiny tiles), but yours are gorgeous. I agree with everyone else on the grout!


Looking to play with UV resin. But I like all.


Have you heard of No Days Mosaic Adhesive? It comes in a thin sheet – looks like black trash bag material – that you cut to fit in your piece before laying the tiles in place. Then you use a heat gun and the black stuff melts and rises up between the tiles. Instant grout, and virtually no clean up. A little would go a long way using it for small projects like this. Here’s a link:


No, I’ve not heard of the Groutless—looks like I may have to get some to try! The end result looks a lot like when I use Apoxie Sculpt two part epoxy to grout with. It would be nice to have another option.


That stuff looks brilliant! I’ll be ordering some soon.


These are so gorgeous! I do like the grout, but I’ll be the voice of decent and say I like the resin equally well. The green, orange and white one is my favorite combination though. How tiny are those tiles, maybe 7 mm or so? It’s hard for me to get a perspective.


No, they are tinier than that— the littlest squares are only 2mm on a side and 2mm deep. The circles and triangles are about 4-5 mm.


Good heavens ! It would take years to finish the bathroom !! :open_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Oh my, so teeny tiny and adorable!