Most amazing materials supplier!

All, If you have not found this shop already, you need to check it out!! They have the most amazing patterns and do custom full sheets of acrylic as well!! Melody is super friendly and helpful!!


wow. she’s got a little bit of everything.

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Best Customer Support EVER!

Out of curiosity are you affiliated with that site at all? I see that you provided a referral link, can you describe the referral program? It might help me better understand how objective your review might be.


I am not at all affiliated. I am a customer. she has a points referral system. You are welcome to go check it out. I don’t care much about it, They are just truly a fantastic supplier.

Cool, how does the points thing work? The material selection is pretty great, if she has a points deal that might make it even more tempting.

Edit: never mind I found it on her site. It’s straight points, works out to about 5% off on pure purchase volume plus whatever you get for social media action and referrals. Essentially the more you promote her site the more free stuff you can get. It’s a bit win-win for you to post here since it gets us a coupon and gets you one too.

In the end it’s a decent source, you gain from posting it but then so do we.

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I really didn’t look at it so thanks for researching! I love their stuff!

Yeah that point system… looks like if you’re big into Facebook and Instagram you can earn lots of free materials.

No harm intended I’m sure, but we do have to disclose when we’re sending people to affiliate links.

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This is a physical store in a strip mall that’s a 30 minute drive from me.

Closest thing you’ll find to a real “Glowforge Store”, which is neat.


Huh this is kind of cool. What’s the store called? is it a one-off or a chain?

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“CMB Crafts”, and it’s a one-off. Tells ya something about the Glowforge owner concentration in this area though. There are multiple just in my neighborhood, and one of them owns a physical store in another nearby town (Wake Forest, NC) to sell their laser cut stuff.


That store looks dangerous. I will stay away to keep my wallet safe.


Exactly. I’m in Chapel Hill so it’s an easy drive for me as well!

Certainly no harm intended. I shared the link that was on my account. I am not an affiliate- I am a customer. The link I shared contains a coupon for anyone that uses it.



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