Mother’s Day Gift - Photo Engrave

Im late to post this, but I made my wife a mother’s day gift using Drachenfeuer, my Glowforge Pro.

I tried out photo engraving and was impressed!

I learned a few things I’ll share here.
In short, I do not advise using mask for photo engraving.
The results looked great until I started peeling the masking off. Then, everything looked terrible.
I flipped the part over, removed the masking and reran it. Results were great!


Beautiful results, and that’s a mighty adorable little one there! That smile…! :grinning:


Thank you @Jules!


Beautiful photo … Nice job!

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I’m glad to read your advise on mask, i noticed that detail was lost with the mask. I’ll have to try it without. And what a great picture, thanks

My gut feeling is that paper or paper based products will photo engrave the best.
I’m going to try the Proofgrade Hardboard (or whatever it’s called) next!

What a lovely photo! You did a great job on it.