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hi, i have been using passthrough on my pro for a while now and up until now, the divide tool in illustrator has worked great. i am now running into an issue with it that i cant seem to figure out and would love some ideas and or help cutting this file. i have 2 lines crossing where it needs to be divided and every tool i have tried in illustrator just isnt doing what i (1.5 MB)

Something like this help? (1.5 MB)

I made a copy of the lines and dumped them on their own layer, then made everything else compound paths, and grouped the different sections after doing a divide.

I’m sure there is a better way, check the Tips and Tricks section. At the bottom of the pinned post is “The Matrix” that has a lot of helpful tips and instructions.

Personally, I’m a big fan of LivePaint. Select all of it, go to Object–>Live Paint–>Make (or Ctrl Alt X I believe). Then make a copy of the whole thing, paste in place on diff layer, turn off new layer, and you can use the LivePaint Selection Tool (Shift L) and just drag across the stuff below the line and hit delete. Swap layers, do same thing to delete stuff above the line, etc.

sadly this is the issue i was running into, it make a ton of unnessecery lines and removes color from the different operations.

If I understand you correctly, you are just trying to split the map into the 3 different sections, is that correct? If so, take a look at the quick screen capture video I did below using LivePaint.

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