Mothers Day Coasters


Since it’s getting harder to find a gift for my mum I’m really glad I have my Glowforge. Did some Coasters on medium maple plywood (7cm might be a bit on the smallish side) with some drawing across several of them. Today I remembered that I need a “box” too and a tag (“für mama” is saying “for mum”) wouldn’t be wrong either. So here it is:

And if anybody wants to make some for themselves:

coaster_box.pdf (6.7 KB)
tag.pdf (20.6 KB)
coaster.pdf (78.8 KB)


Oh wow, the assembled ‘puzzle’ is a beaut.


Thank you for sharing you designs.

I’m sure your mother will love it!


What a creative gift. Thank you for sharing the files! :slightly_smiling_face:


Those look great. Your mum will love them. Thanks for your generosity in sharing these files!!!


Love it. Thank You for the share.


Wonderful set! I like that it makes a complete image, and the living hinge box is perfect for those rounded edge tiles.

Thanks for the files!


Very creative and attractive, love the living hinges on the holder. Thanks for sharing!


my mum was so impressed that she won’t use it but instead brag about it when she’ll meet her girlfriends. :smiley: :roll_eyes: :blush:


Awesome! :sunglasses:


Really like the three sided box … And the use of the living hinge.


Definitely love this! Thank you so much for sharing the files. I have some ideas of pictures I can put on the tiles. Did you finish the tiles with anything protective on the top?


I used proofgrade maple plywood. Since I’m always late (usually buy presents a day prior or on the day of the event) I didn’t have the time to finish any which way.