Mother's Day "Coupon Book"

I really love how these coupons turned out. I printed the coupons on regular weight colored paper, then used spray adhesive to add a card stock back. Then I fed these into the glowforge and used it to cut the coupons and the score lines for tearing. I made the front and back covers out of .03" birch plywood.

The tear-off stubs are VERY satisfying. They have a nice ‘snap’ and are easy to detach. For the dotted lines, I used a pretty low setting – 20% at full speed I think.

The attached ZIP file contains the Photoshop file for the printable coupon icons and text and the SVG files for the cuts and the cover.

coupon (1.3 MB)


Awwww, that’s really cute. She’ll love it!

Aw that’s fantastic! I should have run up a bunch of the tech support ones for my mom! (Always next year!) :grin:

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really nice idea!

That came out great and I’ll bet she loved it ( you should have added at the bottom in small print “Like a Mother’s Love - never expires” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great Idea, did something similar in paper years ago. Also another year gave an option of which utility to take over after passing the idea to my siblings. With seven of us it was a stress free time for Mom.

I really love this idea! Looks great!!!

Now THAT is very well done!

Very sweet!