Mothers day gift that is going viral at work or, How I got hooked on engraving


New photo by Mark Evans

Made this for a freind for mother’s day. Everyone seeing it is loosing their minds.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Sweeeeet! :sunglasses::+1:
(don’t forget to link to highlights reel.)


Nice, and something to be admired for a long time after mothers days :smile:


I’m amazed at the quality of the engraving! Was that PF plywood?


Yes it is. It took some experimenting to get it right. Turns out that photo engravings work best with the mask removed.


Thank you for this. Still working on my Mom’s Day gift (yes, I’m a procrastinator :flushed:). That little tip may be a helpful time saver!


I’m kinda weirded out tonight as this literally happened.

I showed this to one friend and someone was looking over my shoulder… I got orders for 3 8x10s literally with no effort and could have had more but I had to limit to the wood I have on hand.

A guy who runs a kennel wants a demo photo in their office with brochures to sell these to pet owners…

This super simple thing could be way larger than my knife sharpeners ever could be. Seems everyone wants photos but they already have plenty of color photos on Kodak paper…

I know not to get TOO excited as some things that seem bright are just flash paper but so far it is looking like I may have accidentally stumbled onto something. I’ve never seen so much spontaneous excitement over something like this.


Good for you! And great job! Run with it!


Not a bit surprised…everyone wants personalized. Congrats on the new business venture. :wink:


Very nice!
Was there any cleaning needed without the paper?

So cool when something unexpected lands in your lap like that. Run with it man! :sunglasses:


Well done. This is precisely the type of project I had in mind when I boarded this runaway train @dan is conducting.


Funny, and this keeps happening, I’ve done a bunch of what I had imagined I’d do, but serendipity keeps throwing knuckleballs. I would have never thought I’d be churning out engraved photos for cash.


Really? One of the first things that came to my mind


Yeah, I guess my imagination goes in different directions than most people. I’m glad I have people that will steer me from time to time.


Better order another Glowforge for you burgeoning empire. Great job.


So great, and wonderful to have people who care to steer…

With that in mind: maybe try also offering photos on metal, using ceracote /therm whatever that spray is…? Bet people will love those, too! Much more expensive, though…


Indeed there are so many materials and techniques to experiment with. I’m just trying to perfect these right now.
I made two more today I’ll show later when I get them glued up.


This is a smaller one that will be a freebe as I can’t do his 8x10 untill more Proofgrade wood comes

Finished 8x10

another finised 8x10


Nice work!


Thanx, that really does mean a lot coming from you but seriously, I could not imagine the learning curve to do this on a “dumb” laser. Your team has made it stupid simple where I was having great looking photoengraves by the third iteration!