Mother's Day Gift


Yeah, I’m a little late with this. I had the design all set and finally was ready to go on Mother’s Day weekend. And then I realized something critical… I was out of Thick Black Acrylic. And then I figured I’d put in a larger order so it took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to order. Anyway, the order arrived on Friday. So after some testing, this is the result of what my Wife got from me…

That’s gold laser foil surrounding everything and signed by me.
(To let you in… Many, many years ago we’d gotten each other the identical card for… I think it was Valentine’s Day. And we both happened to sign them “Love, Me”. So that’s a forever thing.)

Now, the idea is this will be hung in a window (once I go get the hardware). This is what it will look like…

This represents my first attempt at inlaying anything at all. And, as you can imagine, acrylic isn’t forgiving like wood probably is. So the kerf had to be spot on. And, after a lot of testing, spot on it was. The colored acrylic pressed right into each spot firmly. You can shake the sucker and nothing will fall out. Sure, you can push them out if you really want to, but let’s just not do that. The colored acrylic is 1/8" and, the black is 1/4". That was on purpose. It created a really neat depth to the whole thing.

I’m pretty thrilled to see how it all came out. So was my Wfe. :slight_smile:


Very pretty, and lovely sentiment! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s perfect. Perfect sentiment perfectly executed. Very well done.


Nice reveal as I scrolled down!!


Beautiful! I really want some laser foil. sigh




The stuff’s pretty awesome. The most difficult thing for me has been not buying every color they make. :slight_smile: Luckily my aforementioned Wife talked me down from buying one of each with a simple “Why don’t we buy one color and see if we even like it and how difficult it is to get good results.”


Sensible people can be such a pain! :wink:


Oh dang! I was gonna pop in with the alternate huge roll supply source, at the ridiculously low relative price…maybe not.

Don’t click on this link: :wink:


Is that laser safe? And do you just put it down and laser what you want on then peel rest off?


Yep! :smile:
You stick it down (it has adhesive), then laser out your shapes and weed off the excess. (Just like the masking.)

Beautiful results! (Not as many colors, but it’s half the price of the other stuff. I picked up a roll of the gold and the silver chrome.)

That particular roll is about 40% less, because it has perforations running the length of the edges. (They can be cut off - save the $16/roll.) I think @cynd11 was the first to suggest it.


Huh, that’s interesting…using the Blur on it kills the link.


Works if pushed and held or right clicked. So do you actually engrave the area you want or cut the area then peel away uncut area?


Yep! Either. :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:


That is a beautiful gift.


Beautiful suncatcher and I loved the story! You and your wife’s brains are really in sync.


Nice!! :slight_smile:


Whoa…Tom! This is gorgeous!


This is beautiful!!!


Beautiful job!