Mother's day present

Made this for my mother, using regular proofgrade settings.


Oh, it’s beautiful! The moms of Glowforge owners are really cleaning up this year. :smile:


Great use of the standoffs, mine should be here by Tues. What a thoughtful gift! Lucky Mom!


How did you do the script to make it adhere to the cross shape?

I see everyone using these awesome mounting screw spacer thingies, and I don’t know what they’re called. Any idea? I’d love to buy some.

That’s AWESOME! So cool!

They’re called standoffs. You can get them on Amazon. Here are some but you can just search on Amazon and see all the different kinds they have.

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I just constructed it in pixelmator that way.

they are called standoffs and you can get them on amazon

ooooh thank you!

Not sure what your design software is - another way would be Illustrator. Draw a cross design and then use the Area Type tool. It will use the outline of the shape to constrain the text to that shape. You can then use the text options to get the result you’re looking for (justification, leading, etc)

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…and some are lighted… ooooh…ahhhhh😎

Beautiful! :grinning:

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Beautiful turnout!