Mother's day wall plaque


Thought this would be a nice little plaque to rest on the flowers as my wife came downstairs this AM. Brought her to years and then immediately hung on the wall, then later that day the mother in law cried- so… i would say… success.


Yep, a little boo-hooing is a good sign. Nice plaque! :slightly_smiling_face:


Mind if I steal that wording? Anniversary is coming up and I am drawing a blank on what to say.


go for it- I didn’t come up with it either, just thought it was perfect for the occasion!


Sometimes you don’t need words. Great job.


Just say it from the heart… it really will be perfect.

(Unless it’s something like…“Gee, you’re swell!”… Then go ahead and plagerize!! Ha😎)




This is awesome! I need to do something similar for a friend’s wedding…I have been trying to figure out WHAT … but a saying something like this with their names and wedding date would be awesome!