Motorcycle derby cover

Has anyone ever done one of these? I have someone that wants me to engrave this, but concerned about messing up the laser head. I don’t know exactly the type of paint that’s used.

I personally wouldn’t be worried about doing it other than it’s an expensive oops if you don’t have it dialed in right and mess it up. But otherwise it’s just going to vaporize the paint.

Expensive oops as in mess up the machine or opps as in mess up the part?

the part. I haven’t heard of any paint causing issues with the machine. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there but I think you are most likely safe.

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Not likely a problem. How curved is the dome though? You may find a lot of fall off from the laser side to side depending on the curvature of the dome. It says it’s die-cast metal so you won’t hurt that. If it doesn’t work, or the alignment is off or something you should be able to spray a coat of gloss black on it and try again.

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This reminded me of a project someone shared a few years ago that was some kind of motorcycle part/cover that looked pretty similar. It had a neat ace of spades design on thicker clear acrylic and it was really cool. I was thinking it was one of us old-timers who shared it, but dang if I can find it to show you.

Really interested if someone does this. I would love to do one for my husbands motorcycle

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