Mounting Plate for Mustang Emblem



A friend of mine’s son loves Ford Mustangs and asked me to draw a picture of one for him. I told him I’d try but I’m so busy right now, that I don’t think I could get to it anytime soon… which I told him. But another idea crossed my mind.

I actually have a 2013 Mustang and about a year after I got it, I changed the grill from the regular to GT version. So I had an extra grill which at one point I was going to try to sell on eBay but never got around to doing so.

So long story short, I decided to remove the Mustang horse emblem from the grill and mount it to a custom display plaque. Showed my friend, his mom, and she thinks he will love it. It’s a surprise for him though.

What do you think?

The grill had those same lines on it which led to the emblem having gaps at the bottom so I decided to match those lines… a total headache to do, but worth it in the end.


Very nice job! I am sure he will love it!


Yeah, that’s gorgeous! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s pretty awesome! He will love it because there won’t be another one like it anywhere (unless you make it)


As a fellow Mustang fan, I gotta say you did a great job!


Wow! I love it when I can’t tell which part is :glowforge: and which part isn’t.


Uh, yeah, I’d say you totally nailed it!


Ha ha… Using the black acrylic for the base came to me at the last moment… It really ties it all together.


Can’t wait to show you guys what I’m working on next. Its the most designed with the most parts with the most materials I’ve done to date… Plus LEDs!

Love my GF! Thanks @dan!


As an owner of a restored '66, that’s a great job! The black acrylic took it up another level. Very professional. Couldn’t be better. :sunglasses:


As a Ford Motor Company employee and Mustang owner, this is fantastic.


Thanks!.. be sure to share with your fellow employees then!!!


I hadn’t seen this before seeing your Christmas tree design - this is amazing! Again, you’re seriously killing it with the multiple mediums :+1:


Thanks!.. I just try to do something I haven’t seen before.