Mounting Suggestions?

Total newbie here, trying to figure out the best way to mount wood signs & plaques that are 1/4” thick (some are slightly thicker).

I like these no-nail sawtooth hangers, but I’m afraid they might go in too deep (description says 1/4” depth)

What do you all use for lighter/thinner signs/etc.?

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Hey, welcome, we like newbies. :slight_smile:

As always, your best resource is right here, the forum search:

You’ll find this right at the top:

Seems to be right up your alley?


When I had a light sign I wanted to hang, I found some hangers that I could just glue on.

I believe I once saw a design where someone even cut the pieces to glue on for hanging, but I have not tried that.


This one (which comes up with @evansd2) links):


This is what I was hoping to find ~ minimalist hardware that can be glued. Do you have a photo or link?

I saw the file for the laser cut mounting piece, but would rather stick with hardware so I don’t have to worry about matching wood when using a purchased plaque.

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I couldn’t find the exact hangers we used, but it was something like this:

Something that had plenty of surface-to-surface contact for the glue to hold.

We used “Goop” for the metal to wood glue. (Easy clean up and strong hold.)


Perfect - thanks so much!

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I wanted to do frame wire and went with the following:

25x14mm D-Ring Hangers

Tiny screws, Flat Head, Phillips Drive, (2.5×6mm, 0.1×0.23inch)

Frame wire

The screws are small enough they don’t poke too far through, but every thing feels strong enough for my pieces, as long as they don’t get too big.


3M Command Strips


This is my go to. Easy to source and strong.

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