Movie Shelf Category Dividers

I’ve got a lot of movies, and have them organized in a way that makes sense to me, but nobody else ever got my system. So, I went about making some category dividers for my movie shelf.

I used :proofgrade: Cherry Plywood and Walnut Veneer.
I’d never tried the Proofgrade veneer, so I used this project as my guinea pig.

The original plan was to cut the veneer such that the letters were punched through, showing the cherry underneath for some nice, legible contrast. But I naively expected all of the little counter shapes in the As, Os, Ds, Rs, etc. to be easily re-stuck after I gathered them up, but I ran into a lot of problems with that plan. Since the veneer is so thin, it didn’t sit perfectly flat on the crumb tray, which wasn’t much of a problem, it was precise enough. I even went to the trouble to make sure the letters were cut first, before the outside shapes, but didn’t go to the additional trouble to ensure the counter shapes were cut out first, so after they fell through, the cuts didn’t work out well. Then a lot of them fell straight through the crumb tray, and I don’t think I recovered them all. It was also more difficult than I expected to peel and place them, and then because the pieces were so small, I wasn’t convinced the adhesive was gripping well enough. So, I threw all my veneer cuts away and tried a new approach.

I then decided to just engrave the veneer, which worked great, except the contrast was so low you could barely read the labels. So, I dug into my supplies and found some white paint that I used to fill in the engraved portions and it turned out great!

I realize not all of these are actual film genres (Superhero, Animation, Pixar), but they’re the best categories for my collection.


Perfect for Practical cuts

Nice! I need to print a few of those myself. (Yeah, still have the DVD player.) :smile:

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They look really great on the shelves! Very organic. And I love that Pixar has an entire category. It’s like that in my house too.


Fantastic idea. They came out great! I like that whole concept for organizing things on shelves, be it videos, books, magazines, or whatever.

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My movies are organized into the following categories:

-That bin over there
-The other bin
-On the shelf
-The other shelf
-I think those are upstairs

Your system seems better.


I’m happy that my blu-rays come with digital copies, but I still prefer the hard copies. Better video and especially audio quality.


Apparently I do too. I alphabetized them but the no one else in the family appears to have learned how that works :slight_smile:


Nicely done! Ours are alphabetized, but this looks great!

Mine are also alphabetized — within their categories. I find the categories make it easier to pick a movie when you’re in a certain mood.

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That’s great. I may have to adapt this idea for my books. I actually did something similar to this last week for clothes racks for an upcoming wholesale show to separate my t-shirts by design category.


Looks like the effort was worth it. Now you just have to remember to put the movies back in the right spot!