Moving backwards to go forward. Or how I learned to love the French cleat

Inspired by this Tiny workshop tour and the fact that makeshift organization had hit its limit, I’ve been putting French cleats up in the shop. Needless to say, it is now a disaster area but there is new hope for better days of organization.

Glowforge content: not wanting to be doing the walls in French cleat and not to have anything to hang there I cut some general-purpose hooks on the Glowy. A few other things I just added the cleats. I’ll be the rest of my life getting everything else up there. :frowning_face:


French cleats for the win!


Those look great! I especially like the custom bins. Organizing is a journey, not a destination.

Nice RC plane! Have you been flying for long? I’ve crashed plenty of planes. Now I just fly quadcopters.


I’ve found this to be too true.

I’ve flown various small aircraft for the last 40 years, RC for about two.


It’s like a blank canvas. Off to a nice start!

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