Moving fromWiFi setup to calibration. Does not calibrate

I am trying to get my machine to calibrate. I can see that I have connected to the Glowforge Wifi, but the head does not move and the machine does not calibrate. The head moves freely with the touch of my hand. The top button glows a beautiful tean. Below is an image of the wi-fi setup. Any suggestions?

First thing first, never a good idea to move the head if the power is on (not sure from your post if that’s the case).

The process goes like this:

Connect to the Glowforge WiFi broadcast with your device.

Then, tell it the credentials for your home network. The Glowforge needs to know/connect to your network to speak to/receive instructions from the cloud.

After you have the Glowforge speaking to your network, you interface with the Glowforge by way of

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Get used to this. If yours is like mine you’ll spend between 20 minutes and two hours trying to get your GF working every time you want to cut/engrave even the simplest shapes. It will sit on the calibrating screen for hours or until you shut it off. They know about this chronic issue and seem to be doing nothing to correct it.

I’m done with it and the lack of customer support and have asked how to return the GF Pro.

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Don’t be discouraged, thousands of us use these machines every day with no problem. Both machines I have used over 9 months calibrate in about 2 minutes. Every time.

Regarding the teal button, see if This video helps.

More often than not, failure to calibrate reflects spotty WiFi. When you turn it on the machine images the bed and sends that to the Cloud Server. The server responds with instructions to move the head under the camera. The machine moves the head and the camera images the bed again and sends that back to the server. When the server sees the GF logo on the head is directly under the camera, then the server is satisfied it knows the exact position of the head and the Machine is calibrated.
There is a lot of communication back and fourth between the machine and the server, so a good wifi connection is required. When there is a problem calibrating, it is natural to assume there is a problem with the machine, but most often that isn’t the case.


@kendall.didsbury, the above statement simply isn’t true. You should definitely not expect that behavior unless something is wrong with your unit or your WiFi. @jbmanning5’s instruction is correct. @PrintToLaser’s statement is also correct. 2 minutes seems long to me, but I’ve never actually timed it. Point is, once you have WiFi configured, it should be a relatively quick process to actually calibrate. However since yours is not calibrating at all, it sounds like it’s not connecting to the internet, which is required for calibration. So do let us know if @jbmanning5’s instruction worked for you. If you have any questions about those steps, we’re happy to help!




Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

@kendall.didsbury I took a look at the logs for your Glowforge and it looks like you’re up and printing. If you still need help, please post a new topic or email us at

@mac I’m so sorry you haven’t had a great experience so far. We are looking into the issues you’re seeing and will be in touch via your forum topic or email.