Moving to Malta!

Woo hoo! I’ve found my house in Malta and I move out on the 1st of June, so I should be settled in nicely by the time my Glowforge arrives!
Very, very excited!


Congratulations! I hope you have a safe move!

Thanks Joe. I’m all in a panic now as I have to empty the house of my hundreds of years of collected junk and also decide what I’m going to take with me. It’s unfurnished so I reckon taken my more expensive furniture is better than selling it for a pittance, even though it will cost a small fortune to ship.

My DVD’s, Comics and books though! Aaaaargh! :sob:

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I had a Hebrew teacher from Malta way back when. He was a riot. He loved to swim. We went to Israel for a trip and he jumped into any puddle deeper than his ankles. Didn’t carry a towel. Just kept a pile of paper towels he’d skim off from the bathrooms.He was a great teacher though. Malta is on my bucket list. Hope the move goes well. Tough to let go of such cools stuff. But with the Glowforge, you’ll just make more cooler stuff!

I certainly intend to do a lot of snorkeling myself. Maybe even some spear fishing :slight_smile:

I have a bit of storage space in England, but yes, lots of very cool stuff will have to go. Definitely loads of cooler stuff to be made!

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Spearfishing - avoid the bathtub size grouper unless you want your arm dislocated while being pulled out to sea.

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Good advice David :smiley:

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Malta! That’s amazing. I have always wanted to go. Glowforge meet up??!!?? I am also a scuba diver which makes it even more inviting. I almost made it there when my wife (girlfriend at the time) was living in Sicily.

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