Moving with a Glowforge!

I haven’t been on here for the past two months (or used my Glowforge at ALL! :sob:) because we’ve been selling the house and getting ready to move. February was Paint All The Surfaces and Fix Things month, and March has been Pack All The Things and Re-evalute Life Choices month (haha). April is finally MOVING month!

Awesome news: The house we’re buying has a whole huge space that’s MINE ALL MINE for a studio!!!

We close on the 12th and I plan to have my work space set up and fully operational by May 1.

Just now finished re-boxing my GF. I guess I get the joy of unboxing again :smiley:

Anyway, I will take any happy thoughts and good feels for the safety of my baby as I move it down two flights of stairs and across 75 miles!

I REALLY look forward to being free to be back here again! Miss having the free time, emotional capacity, and brain space to drink in all the creativity!


Best wishes. It will be terrific to have a big new studio all to yourself.

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When we are done closing on the house and we pull up with the moving truck, I may just run in to my studio space and roll on the floor alternating between laughing and crying :smile:


I’ve heard that moving can be a daunting and draining experience, but I’ve long since forgotten that since we’ve now lived in the same place for 45 years. That being said, you will revel in your new space, very soon. My studio space is only about 7’x7’…so more space is enviable. Enjoy the process and see you again very soon!


I hear you. Bought this property in 81.
I get twitchy just thinking about what a move to another location would entail.
If I won the lottery, I would just give up on the front yard and build new there, then demolish the old house when done, lol.
Back yard is already too large for needs, but when you do need a space, having a huge yard is grand…

The good old days. I still remember that we were so relieved when we finally had the new rugs installed (last item on the list). I imagine you are too.
Happy Trails.


Best of luck with the move! Don’t forget to secure the gantry with the orange bits, and take off the head and pack it carefully in a padded box.


Congratulations and best of luck! I’m a little jealous about the studio space. I have mine setup in our office/guest bedroom.

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I leave the head on when I’m bringing the GF somewhere. I figure with the gantry locked with the orange bolts, I’m more likely to damage the electrical cable connection than it is likely to bounce off its mount. Removing & reattaching the cable just seems like potential for breaking the connector.

YMMV though.

You’re probably right, for a machine that is going to be handled with reasonable tenderness. With the UPS handling, though, I’m not sure I’d take a chance. I figure Glowforge shipped the pieces separately for a reason.

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I just did the reverse of the unboxing directions and put it together as if I was mailing it back to the company. Seemed like the safest way to transport it!



On the new digs. we are closing on our old house the 13th. It will be glorious to A) have one mortgage payment, B) one location to pay for utilities., and C) TIME TO RUN MY DANG GLOWFORGE!!!

Safe Travels! and a smooth Move


Just a quick update to say I’ve been back in business for about two weeks and here’s my new work space! Still need to get some better material storage so it isn’t occupying my work table, but for now it’s working great!



Not sure where you’ve moved to but, from experience, you might want to get a humidistat and keep an eye on the humidity down there.


Just looking at the cider block stains, I agree that moisture is definitely coming down from the window and the stains just above the floor shows moisture issues.

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Should have noted: We’re home inspectors, so we have ensured the grade outside the house is good enough, have cleaned gutters, will actually be upgrading the gutters in the next couple of weeks, observed that winter thaw did not create any new water intrusion problems, and the window has been replaced recently.


You’re WAY ahead of me!! :rofl:

But I really appreciate that you both noticed!

Man, it would be nice to have a cool basement area. :neutral_face:

I loved the house for many reasons. I was sold the second we walked into the basement. And it has a dog shower/tornado shelter and a secret room (that currently holds a dead oil tank, but we can bring that to the scrap yard and get $$ for it so yay). I want to turn the secret room into a finished space with blankets and a light for the kids. Also, the “new” basement isn’t obvious, so we’re tempted to add a Diagon Alley entrance from the old basement to get to the back workshop area.

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My next door neighbor has a secret room in his basement and he doesn’t know why it’s there. I was living next door when it was put in by a previous owner and have restrained myself from telling him it’s a hanging room.

The previous owner hunted a lot an that’s where he would hang deer or other game, skin them, etc.

Current owner is a vegetarian so I expect he wouldn’t appreciate the utility of a hanging & aging space :slightly_smiling_face: