Moving with my Glowforge

Has anyone moved with their Glowforge? We’re moving from CA to ME and using shipping pods. I wonder if the $250 box is necessary in this event?

Heck yes, and you would be much better off transporting it yourself than having it subjected to a pod.


I would say definitely yes, the case has a bit of flex.


Absolutely use the original packaging.


… and especially use the various retention screws and clips.


You should have kept your old one. If all the orange bits are not properly in place you could damage the machine just by the vehicle hitting a bump. I would also take care that where the machine is does not drop below freezing. freezing water is not kind to glass things.


100%. I moved from CA to IN with it in its original box with all the bits and bobs in place with absolutely no issues. I’ve seen too many pictures of broken glass and tracks to ever risk it any other way.


How’s it been to leave CA? What do you miss? It’s been SNOWING here lately.

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I miss the healthcare - it’s SO much better there whether you’ve got it through work or the ACA.

Beyond that, I miss people but the place (Silicon Valley) doesn’t offer much that I don’t have in Fort Wayne. Plus here there are so many fewer people so if I go to the museum, or the restaurant, or the park - the likelihood that I’ll actually be able to enjoy it is way higher. A few months back I was at the science museum on a random weekday and I got to spend ~30 minutes at an interactive exhibit with my friend and nobody else. I’ve literally never experienced that in CA or the Smithsonian.

It’s definitely colder here - but the houses are also insulated so you don’t feel it as much, and it’s impossible to beat how inexpensive everything is here (literally, it was named the most affordable city of more than 100k anywhere in the US).

I miss my people though.