MS PowerPoint Can Make SVG Files

I haven’t seen this anywhere, and I figured everyone should know: Microsoft PowerPoint can make SVG files.

Just highlight the items or pictures or both, right click, save as picture, select SVG format.

This has been way easier for me than using Photoshop and illustrator.

Let it be known! Enjoy everyone! Happy Glowforging!


For at least a decade, but doesn’t hurt as a reminder…

I use Powerpoint as a starting block for much of my design work.


I had heard that before but didn’t know how to do it! Thanks for the info, I’m planning on trying it!


Yes. It allows me to do a little designing, at work, when inspiration hits. Since I can’t have Inkscape on my work computer.

PPT has done vectors for a long time, but SVG is more recent. PPT has done EMF & WMF, which don’t support bezier curves, for as long as I can remember. But SVGs and actual curves is a more recent addition. PPT is actually reading the clipboard as SVG now, too.

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