MTG card box

I made a box for my son’s large Magic The Gathering card collection.

You can lock it if you want.

I designed it to be completely glueless. So the whole box assembles, and holds together without needing glue.

There are clips on the bottom that fit into slots and holds everything in place. It feels really solid despite not being glued in place.

I made a smaller version for my other son (with only 4 instead of 6 rows of cards). But he took it with him to school this morning, so I can’t take a picture.


Not all heroes wear capes.
Great work here.

Are the rows wide enough to fit sleeved cards and deck boxes?

No matter what the answer is, I’m impressed.
Also, sorry to assume your cape situation.
Won’t happen again :wink:


Yes, they are big enough for sleeves, although most of the cards here are not “sleeve-worthy” according to my son. He keeps those in a binder to bring with him to MTG night so he can do trades.


That’s nice! Great work!

Please see the movie THE INCREDIBLES… regarding capes. :slight_smile:

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Your stuff has always been incredible

Very nice Job!


Please post the .SVG for that, i will happily pay

Great work! Looks amazing! Would you mind sharing the design?

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Thanks @tenball. @tenball & @bdm, you can now actually buy the design on my Etsy store:


Do you still have this file on your Etsy account? Having troubles finding it, and would like to make this for my fiance!

I followed the link in the post above yours and, it looks to be the first item in the second row, titled “Card Box.” Here is a direct link: