Mucha more engraving

Two Alphonse Mucha pieces:


SVG for anyone who wants to give it a shot: (1.9 MB)

Ok so I hit it with different lighting and it really pops:

(sorry, uploading the video directly just wouldn’t work.)


Great prints!
Thank you for the share too

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Those look amazing! Fantastic!

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Wow! Those are absolutely beautiful!

Gorgeous engrave!

Thanks for the file – I think you just answered my perennial “what to get my sister-in-law for Christmas” question. :sunglasses:

You could use them as doors for a cabinet.


These are beautiful! Did you use plywood or hard wood? And what settings did you use?

Settings aren’t encouraged in this category, as a matter of convention. I’ll PM you.

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You can start a related topic in Beyond the Manual and link the two posts.

Or… glowforge could decide that settings are appropriate to this category too… I alredy spend some effort to post, why should I have to do it twice? I think the “it’ll be more searchable” cat has already gotten out of the bag, searching for settings is already not great in the forum… or at least I’m not great at it.

In any case, I play by the rules, so…


Wow. Those are beautiful! Alphonse Mucha is my favorite artist.

Needed to do a quick test on birch ply, so I ran your file using PG maples settings for draft photo.



Missed commenting on this one, but those are INCREDIBLE! (And the lighting really makes it!) :grinning: