Multi-Game Storage Solution

I’ve seen this pop up all day on my board gaming threads.

The idea is a system where game boards go into the trays at the top, then the components for each game go into one of the boxes below. If you have all the smallest boxes, then the single BitBox can hold up to 16 games. I am personally more interested in the mobile version which has one tray and one layer of boxes, and using the small boxes can hold up to 8 games.

The problem with them is that they are pretty ugly and are made out of cardboard. I started to envision the same concept out of laser-cut wood. Mine will be slightly thinner, and I’m thinking just four boxes to hold four games that I can take to game night, though I could certainly use varying sizes of boxes to fit more or less depending on the game’s space requirements. Unlike the BitBox, mine isn’t intended to replace the game boxes on the shelf, but to have a nice carrying solution for taking things on the road.

I designed the base-sized game box (4 of these would fit into the overall case), it is 6"x6"x3". Currently using 1/8" ply for the box and a 1/16" ply sleeve (this would be glued in place, likely with tab/slots in the base of the outer box) to be able to use a slip-on lid, but may alter the design to use magnetic clasps and less varied sizes/thicknesses of materials.

I also intend to use a backing on the lid of each box such that I can cut a shape out of the lid. In doing so I can create etched labels for each game that I carry in it which can be inserted into the space on the lid. I’ll also have the same spots in the outer box so that I can see all the games inside the box at a glance.

I can also design inserts for the boxes for some sorting of pieces, or for separating multiple games that are in one box.


Very clever! I’ve seen some custom laser cut game holders at the local game store, but it’s a strictly one game per holder deal.


I think that, while these solutions have a place, I prefer the ones that keep the games in their original box. I much prefer the laser cut inserts that allow the game to sit more comfortably in its original space. Often this is necessary when you have sleeved the cards of the game etc.


I agree completely. For home starage on my game shelf, I want the original box… and I fully intend to make inserts for all my favorites. But a case for carrying several games in one box while traveling or going to game night would be very useful to me.


In which case I have a couple of suggestions.

Firstly, think about custom inserts for something like this…

I have to move loads of things around when I’m running Magic: The Gathering events and I have found that these are great for keeping things safe. Luckily, some of their inserts work perfectly for the stuff I carry. However, games need to be much more specific so when my glowforge arrives I will be looking to build some custom inserts to house everything. The reason I prefer this is strength. These things are really strong and will take a serious bashing.

In a similar vein, you might like to think about custom inserts for something like this as well.

This used to come with a great foam insert but now comes with a crappy card one. I understand that some foams can be laser cut so I intend to make custom insert for cases like this so that game can be easily carried.

Just some thoughts. Hope they help.