Multipurpose Drawer Organizer & Travel Case | Make Something



(Glowforge Cameo)

Thanks @makesomething


Thanks for posting this!


Ha love this guy! @makesomething your videos are great. Thanks for making em!


I concur! I always watch the @makesomething videos!


Ha! I like the “Woodworking will eventually kill you” warning during the video.


Sand in the place where you live!


I love that he puts this in every video! I get happy every time its time for sanding. There were 2 in this one which was even better!


New shop is starting to look pretty great. You can count me as one of the “don’t mess with the garage door functionality” people, but I have to admit it looks awesome and the sliding panels are pretty nifty.

I’m a guitar player myself, so I get the accustics, but how’s that carpet working out so far with the sawdust ect…?