Muse guys on twitch


Watching the Make: twitch stream from Bay area maker fair. I don’t think those guys can say anything about their machine except how it differs from the glowforge (though without mentioning Glowforge by name). He had the chance to push his product but all he did was talk incessantly how “you don’t need to be connected to use it.” I think they might be scared. It’s a shame, actually. Competition is always good for any market. Funny thing was he stressed they are actually selling units at the show. I don’t think anyone told him that the Glowforge has started shipping yet :wink:


They really must feel threatened by the GF!


They should be. In the next 2-3 months, Glowforge is about to ship more units than they move in a year, and completely dominate the low end of the market - not just the Muse’s market, but their smaller more “pro” machines as well.


I knew that had to be you watching as “kclapp” when twitch announced your arrival.

Funny thing is, those guys were not ready to demo, and that’s what they’re there for!

And then to promote their combined air supply/chiller system, i had to chuckle at the fact theirs is still external when GF has put all that stuff inside the unit to reduce the footprint.


I thought that was great too! Of all the booths the host visited, theirs was definitely the least ready and most chaotic.


I’m out of love right now but yes, this.


Do you have a link to the Muse part?


It is about 20 minutes past the Glowforge interview


Here’s the Muse part:


I like how they just making excuses why the unit was ready. And then tried to pass it off like the guy running it was just messing with the design to make it perfect.


The Glowforge booth had more people at it before the doors opened than muse had after.
The crowd gathered at Glowforge’s booth speaks to the public perception. The fact that other manufacturers compare theirs to the 'forge is a good indicator of what the standard is. :sunglasses:

The emulating is why Dan held his cards so close all this time. Wise move.


You know, not being ready is practically a theme for them. They weren’t ready when the Muse dropped, they weren’t ready when they shipped, they are notorious for going to Fairs and having their machine not ready or working for demos… It’s really a running gag for them, I’m sure.


Almost worth re-signing up to the Facebook page ‘for Glowforge but about the Muse’ just to see how big his Aneurysm is at the release of the GF


someone on the general laser cutting group even tried to suggest it was a glowforge that killed that couple in the co poisoning incident a year or two ago.


I wonder if they have a license from the Giants to use their logo? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I couldn’t let that one go and called it out for being fake news. Then came the excuse that he was just commenting about proper venting :smirk:


i know, it’s pretty ridiculous hey


Yeah saw that.
Thankfully my Alt-Fact B#llsh!t filter is pretty strong these days (has to be on Facebook) and i just ignored and moved on.